Saturday, 7 February 2009

Good news everyone...I'm back

Yes, my internet appears to be working again (it turned out that someone had pulled out the internet wire from the back of my computer. Or maybe it fell out. Ill never know)

In the meantime, I have loads of good arguments that ive been working on. I wint reveal them all at once as i go for the slow release rather than the machine gun effect. Lets start with this genius effort of mine:

1. your sky daddy would choose the best point in history to reveal himself/herself
2.The best point in history is the one where scientists are most able to verify his/her authentity/existance
3.The best time to prove if someone if a sky daddy will be when science can put probes in someones head and detect with 100% acuracy if they are lying
4. Science cannot put probes in someones head yet and so have no way of know if someone really is the son of a sky daddy
5.Therefore your sky daddy hasnt revealed themselves in history yet
6. Xianity claims that jebus was their sky daddy revealing himself, when logically a real sky daddy would be still wating for science to invent head probes
7.therefore your silly religion isnt true