Friday, 21 November 2008

C S Lewis was so thick

C S Lewis is often given by gullible xians as one of there most intelligent apologists. Well I thought that today id demonstrate how he was a complete thicko by examing one of his most famous arguments. Namely that narnia could be hidden in a wardrobe.

How big is a wardrobe? 2 meters by 1 meter seems like a good estimate. How big is narnia? thousands of kilometers by thousands of kilometes. So how could a massive place like narnia fit into a tiny wardrobe?

Now some people might jump to C S Lewis defense and claim that he didnt really believe narnia existed however that is not the point. If he couldnt get his maths correct in a story, fictional or not, the how could he anywhere else? And is beliving in a sky daddy and less stupid than beliving narnia is in your wardrobe?

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Jebus wants to eat us....

Ive come accross a great argument from Christopher Hitchens. Basically, Jebus said that he is a shepheard and that we are his sheep. Well what does a shepheard do? They look after the sheep until they are fat and then eat them. Therefore Jebus wants to eat us if you believe the bible.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Why are there copying errors in the bible

Your sky daddy being omnipotent, as they are, could have easily made sure that your bible got copied each time without errors. Imagine that everytime some scribe was about to make a copying error their pen broke or it temporarily stopped working. That way the scribe would know to check what they were copying again. Or suppose you sky daddy corrected there copied version when nobody was looking. Or why didnt your skydaddy send a photocopier down from heaven so that the disciples could copy their gospels? I mean, giving the disciples the gift of a photocopier would be far more practicle than giving them the gift of the holy spirit who doesnt even exist. Clearly they could have guaranteed that the bible went down from generation to generation without any copying errors.

And so it might come as suprise to some xians that the bible does infact have billions of copying errors - more errors than there are words in the bible.