Saturday, 13 September 2008

Muslims are stupid

normally i use my intelligent powers to show xians how stupid they are however today i thought id do the same to muslims.

this is one of the main muslim apologetics sites and it is really stupid. Now I have many good arguments against xianity, however this one is stupid:

Jesus was bearded, as are most Muslims, but only the rare Christian.

There logic seems to be that because jebus had a beard and muslims do their religion must be true. but ofcourse jebus never said that people had to have beards otherwise it would be like me saying richard dawkins doesnt have a beard and so every atheist must. Muslims should read my blog if they want good arguments against jebus

And so whats there arguments against atheism? Well read it here

When comparing the appearance of an embryo at the mudghah stage with a piece of gum that has been chewed, we find similarity between the two.

They even have a photo of an embryo next to a piece of chewing gum and claim that the koran says that an embryo is a chewed substance.

It appears that muslims are even more stupid than xians

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

CERN disproves yor sky daddy

those of you who are up to date on science, such as myself, will know that today they will turn on cern which will prove that the universe popped out of nowhere without a sky daddy. Then we will have even more evidence that xians are deluded.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

another article refuting the resurection

I came across this great article here

I knew most of the stuff in it however i had never realised that when paul wrote about the resurection he/she never mentioned jebus and so how do we know it was jebus resurection paul was refering to?

Sunday, 7 September 2008


This film looks like it should be worth watching.

Its by Bill Maher, who I found out today is on the board for Sam Harris reason project, something else im really looking foward to.