Sunday, 12 December 2010

The Mithras Challenge

This year I'm going to send cards out wishing people a merry mithermas. I will also only wish people merry mithermas. Why? Well then people will wondering what I'm on about and it will cause them to start asking questions. These questions will hopefully leave them to research into mitheras as doing so will cause them to learn about the stunning paralels between jesus and mitheras. Its amazing what wishing somebody a merry mithermas can do!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Your sky daddy is unfalsafiable

Imagine that you woke up one morning and the words 'I exist - love god' were written in the sky. Would that be conclusive proof that god exists. Well no, it could be that the vatican somehow discovered how to write words in the sky and are tricking us. Or maybe we could turn to paralel universe theory in which case everytime a cloud moves a bit two universes are created, one with the one cloud formation in and another with a different cloud formation. Over enough paralel universes all containing randomly shaped clouds, it would hardly be surpsing that one of them contained clouds that spelled out the words 'i exist - love god' Here lies the problem for the theist, whatever evidence you provide for your skydaddy us atheists will find an alternative explanation. Therefore your sky daddy hypothesis is unfalsafiable and as any atheist logic book will tell you, if a theory is unfalsafiable then it cannot be true.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Hawking disproved your sky daddy

Now as some of you may know, Steven Hawkings has proven that with gravity universes like our own will explode into being without any cause. Therefore we dont need a sky daddy. Now the maths and physics behing Hawkings thorey are a to complicated for most of the readers of my blog to understand however Hawking is a very intelligent person so if he says it then there must be good evidence to back it up. Ofcourse, many anti-science people will argue against Hawkings conclusive arguments but I would rather follow science than christian aplogists saying sorry that science has disprovoed their fairy in the sky.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Where does morality come from?

Jonny sometimes asks me where morality comes from. i think sam harris has done such a great job explaining it here that i have nothing else to add.

Being a dick

Now Phil Plhait has done a controverisal talk called dont be a dick Loads of other atheist blogs are commenting on it so i thought id add my own thoughts. You see, we should be dicks towards christians and proud of it. Richard dawkins sums it up nicely here:

I am more interested in the fence-sitters who haven̢۪t really considered the question very long or very carefully. And I think that they are likely to be swayed by a display of naked contempt. Nobody likes to be laughed at. Nobody wants to be the butt of contempt.

So basically, by being rude to Christians and calling them names we bully them into becoming free thinkers. Clearly this works. Who sells more books? Phil Plait or Richard Dawkins. Who has the most popular blog? PZMyers or Phil Phait. We should be dicks and give christians the contempt they diserve.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

the argument from google streeview

1.Google employs some very intelligent designers
2.Googles very intelligent designers put a lot of thought into google streetview
3.Google streetview blurs peoples faces out because it is recognised how important privacy is
4.therefore an intelligent designer would blur everybodys faces when they step out in public to protct there privacy.
5.therefore the real world is not desinged like the google streetview design committee designed there model of it.
6.therefore god disagrees with some of the best designers in the world
7.therefore christians either need to ask google to remove the face bluring technology from streetview or aknowledge that their sky daddy is an incompetant designer.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Christopher hitchens

sadly christopher hitchen has cancer. Hitchens is a beakon of reason and know for wiping the floor with christians in debates. Hopefully he will recover from it seeing as atheism needs somebody with his logic around

It kinda raises the question of why you sky daddy gave christopher hitchens cancer. Is that your sky daddys response? Somebody is beating all his people in debates so they retaaliate by giving them cancer.

Friday, 25 June 2010

MWV is a fraud

Ive just noticed this in mwvs blog. this is typical christian dishonesty. Going around lieing and pretending to be something theyre not. it shows how week the evidence for christianity is when they go around lieing like that. the sheer dishinesty. I guess jebus taught you to lie. yeah?

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Some tips for MWN

Now mwn wants me to list my top ten argument against christianit so here we go (in no particular order)

1.who made your sky daddy?
2.theres no evidence your sky daddy exists.
3.Christianity contradicts naturalism
4.My argument from Google maps (its been an internet sensation so it must be good)
5.Your sky daddy doesn’t always let me have my own way, therefore they don’t exist
6.the similarities between astrology, Mithras and jesus
7.what about other religions
8.the bible contains contradictions and the say daddy does nasty things in it
9.Christopher hitchens has some amusing anocdotes and stories about the church and pope, therefore your sky daddy doesn’t exist bill maher so nicely puts it – Christianity is ridiculous.

Now as for books, you cant go wrong with the new atheists – the jesus papers by micahel baigent is also a good read. Id also recommend watching zeitgeist the movie and the god who wasn’t there (did you know that paul never mentions jesus in his letters and that son god sounds like sun god?)

dont forget to read through my blog archive - youll be amazed at all the arguments found in previous blog posts

Wednesday, 16 June 2010


it apears luke over at common sense atheism has been plagarising my arguments. Youll notice that on the 14th of november 2008 I wrote this post. Then on the 20th of march 2009 I wrote this. Then one of the most popular atheist blogs on the internet called common sense atheism, after id done my posts, produced this Note how similar the post at common sense atheism is to mine.

So if i come up with arguments first why doesnt my blog get as many visitors as common sense atheism does?

Finally some really good news - a poster called MWM has converted to atheism after reading my blog!!!! Welcome to the rational world of enlightenment. if theres anything i can do to help you with your conversion let me know.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

hole to hell

A hole has apeared in Ciudad de Guatemala. now some people say it is a hole into hell however you can clearly see the bottom in the photos and evidently hell aint there. tough luke xians as another part of your faith is shown to be a joke.

Friday, 2 April 2010

good friday?

christians call it good friday because jebus being crucified is aparently good. its this sort of thinking which led to the crusades.

i also notice that easter ocured around april fools day. its a shame they werent both on the same day.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

jonah debunked

as you probably know, a killer wale recently killed somebody. it recently ocured to me that this debunks the story of jonah as it shows that wales dont let people hide inside of them

Friday, 26 February 2010


im sure you all know who richard dawkins is and have heard about his website and how it was once a place for rational and logical discussion. well richard dawkins has decided to shut his message board down. He doesnt seem to care that it had 2 million posts and a comunity that put christian efforts such as theolgoy web to shame. he even claims that there is something rong with his most loyal fan base. how dare he say such a thing. you can read what richard dawkins wrote here and read an explanation here.

how can somebody as rational and intelligent as richard dawkins be such a dick?

Saturday, 20 February 2010

dinesh vs loftus

the debate between john loftus and dinesh dsosa is online for people to listen to. Now john didn't do as bad as some people are saying, however i will try and give a fair review:

Johns opening speech was amazing - my only critisim is that he quotes a beker person who says that history is all in the mind. later on in the debate loftus claims that he doesnt agree with beker which makes me wonder why he used arguments in his opening statement which he himself doesnt agree with. Surly there are enough good arguments for athism without having to use arguments you dont like.

John says that history is an invalid subject but then claims he can know that jesus was a doomsday prophet, that the spanish inqisition took place etc. you cant claim history is invalid only to use it yourself. if i were john i would have accepted history and then brought up the similarities between jesus and mithras.

John understandably sounded pissed of. rather than calling dinesh brainwashed (even if thats true) he should have answerd his non-arguments.

loftus claimed that he became an atheist after reading lots of books. this is not true - he became an atheist after comiting adultery and getting pissed of with his church. John claims that was once a top apologist and if he was then john must have read lots of atheist books before becoming an atheist and had no problem with these books when he was a christian.

Johns closing statment was incoherent and i didnt undertstand what he was saying.

he was comiting logical fallacys left right and center. his jokes werent funny and he had no arguments. he misquoted steven hawking because hawking does not believe in a singularity model. Dinesh also acused john of lying which is unfair - ok john was overstating his case in saying that all cosmologists agree with his quantum tuneling model of the universe but this isnt lying.

So to conclude. john didnt win the debate but dinesh lost it.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

logical fallacies on tekton

JP Holding (aka bob turkel) really needs to learn some basic logic. His website is full of examples of text book examples of logical fallacies. To demonstrate this i went through his homepage and found ten on the home page alone: naming the authors of the articles on tekton he is comiting the apeal to authority falacy. for example 'william lane craig on preterism' is a classic example of this
2.loaded language. 'trusting the new testament' assumes that the new testament is trustworthy.
3.the subtitle 'education and pologetics ministry' is an equovication between the words education and apologetics.
4.having a last updated date is example of cronological snobbery. something is true independantly of when it was written so making out bob turkel regualy updates the website is irelevant.
5.there is a cartoon picture of a scholar, this is a false analogy
6.the apologetics encyclopedia is an appeal to ignorance as if falls back on bob turkels ignroance of stuff
7.boasting aabout the fact tekton have 1500 articles is an appeal ad populum
8.the bullet point 'how personable is god' is a loaded question as it presposes god exists
9.describing theologyweb as an exclusive place for debate is a hasty generalisation (and indeed there are plenty of other places for debate)
10.the tekton e-block bullet points form a non-sequiturd

now seeing as this is the home page, im sure the articles themselves contain far more logical errors. Now lets ignore that and be generour and assume there are ten logical falacies on a page. thats 10x1500 which for those who arent any good at maths is 150000 errors. So the bottom line is this:

Tekton apolgetics website contains 150000 textbook examples of logical fallacies

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

everything needs a cause?

now theists will claim that the universe must of been created by something because universes dont apear out of nowhere and for no reason. They say that everything apart from there sky daddy must have a cause. apart from begging the question - who made their sky daddy? - the claim that everything must have a cause is also false. Things often happen for no reason and without a cause. For example computers will stop working without a cause or my house keys will go missing when i most need them only to turn up later without any aparant cause

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

did nazereth exist?

archaology has always been a problem for xians, particuarly the fact it has shown nazareth never existed. Now xians may hope that the recent descvery of a house in nazerth proves nazareth did exist however this would be a massive error.

Firstly, you need more than one house for a town and archaologists have only found 1. Secondly, archaologists make mistakes and even produce forgeries so wheather it is genuine is controversial. in short, the view nazareth didnt exist when jebus was alive still stands strong despite this new evidence.