Saturday, 21 June 2008

Why re our testciles on the outside?

Why is it that your sky daddy put our testicles on the outside and made them very sensitive? Surely an intelligent designer would but them on the inside covered in protective stuff like armour. Indeed, there are many things badly designed in the universe. So if there is a designer they cant be very intelligent. And thats before we ask who designed the designer. Clearly this universe wasnt designed.

Friday, 20 June 2008

Beaming the bible

Ive been thinking over the past few days how your sky daddy should beam the bible into our heads. Now one common criticism is that people dont read the bible before commenting on it however if we had a copy beamed into our heads when we were born it would not be a problem. I find it is hard to know if i should believe the bible or the koran or the book of mormon however if the bible was already in my head then it would be obvious. Also think of all the time people waste reading their bibles however under my plan people could use the time to do other things like researching science.

Now this is logically sound proof that my way is better however if i can do something better than your sky daddy why dont you worship me?

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Another one sees reason

Oystein Elgaroy was one of the top xian apologists in the world and seen as one of the few scientists to believe in a sky daddy. I say was because he was so bowled over by Chrisopher Hitchens arguments and intellect that he is now an atheist. You can read about it here

Ofcourse this is not the first time that the xian apologetic community has lost one of their big guns. People like John Loftus were right at the top of xian apologetics before realising that they kept loosing debates and decided to convert. bart erhman was studying to become one of the top xian scholars in the world but studying made him loose his faith.

i would recommend this site which lists people who studied their faith and realised it was wrong

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

The bar? what bar?

sometimes people accuse freethinkers of raising the bar everytime xians give us some evidence. Well firstly xians never give us evidence and secondly your sky daddy shouldnt have made it possible to raise the bar. we can ask for as much evidence as bloody well like and if you cant give it to us then your religion is stupid.

Monday, 16 June 2008

the sermon on the mount

one of the most famous parts of the bible is the sermon on the mount but we can see that it is a bit of bizare story. Firstly why did jebus do it on a mountain? It seemed a bit much to make everyone walk to the top of a mountain to hear him when he could have done it somewhere not in the middle of nowhere. Next if there were millions of people how did they all hear him? It was also where he said to love your neighbour but what if your neighbour isnt very nice? Clealry this has all the hallmarks of a made up story. indeed wed expect at least a few of the people to write about it in heir diaries or their blog equivilant and yet where is the evidence such an event took place?

Sunday, 15 June 2008

why do xians write books

why is it that so many people have written books and articles against richard dawkins? similarly the same can be said for the da vinci code. is it because xians are scared that their faith has been demolished and are trying to cover it up? Why is it that atheists dont write loads of responses to xian books? Is it because we know they are rubbish.I can tell if an xian book is rubbish by just looking at who wrote it and the title. Another theory which richard dawkins himself suggests is that they are fleas trying to make money of his back. how dishonest.