Thursday, 19 June 2008

Another one sees reason

Oystein Elgaroy was one of the top xian apologists in the world and seen as one of the few scientists to believe in a sky daddy. I say was because he was so bowled over by Chrisopher Hitchens arguments and intellect that he is now an atheist. You can read about it here

Ofcourse this is not the first time that the xian apologetic community has lost one of their big guns. People like John Loftus were right at the top of xian apologetics before realising that they kept loosing debates and decided to convert. bart erhman was studying to become one of the top xian scholars in the world but studying made him loose his faith.

i would recommend this site which lists people who studied their faith and realised it was wrong


lilpixieofterror said...

He was convinced by crap like God is Not Great? HAHAHAHA!

Anonymous said...

The site's subtitle is "Encouraging ex-christians."

Why do they need encouragement?

Anonymous said...

"After a while Elgar√ły realised that things fall better into place if the starting point is that there's no god, and that everything is created by humans."

What does he mean by everything is created by humans?

Anonymous said...

They are nice photos. Slick. He looks smart and his name is kewl.

Anonymous said...

If the Bible is true, and this is a spiritual battle, then there are bound to be casualties.

Hypothetically, if Dawkins became a Christian, would you think that Christianity were true, or would you say, "tuff luck, sucker"?

If Dawkins (or anyother big name) became a Christian, i would rejoice, but i would not concider it a massive argument to present to a non-Christian, for Christianity (although it would be worthy of mention and praise to God). SO...why the trumpets and heroldry if a (supposed) Christian falls?

Mike, this is the worst use of argument by popularity that i've seen you use so far.

Still waiting for you to present proof that your beliefs are true. LOL.

God Bless,

Mike is Wright said...

all im saying is that when people study their faith in great depth they tend to loose it. People say that the fastest route to atheism is to read the bible.

Anonymous said...

No Mike, what you are saying is that some people use their free will to reject God.

And with that, YOU have defeated yourself that evolutionary determinism allows you to make a decision.... if you are genetically determined, you are just a the whim of molecular billiards.

So, if in depth study and reading the Bible is a sure-fired way toward athiesm, then why ain't i an atheist? Or all those that have studied more than me? (Just to name a few, that you can ask for yourself.. Nick, Dr. Jack Bauer, John Reece, and tons of other folks on Tweb.--- i would also mention lilpixieofterror, but i do not recall her mentioning whether or not she has read the Bible more than once.. ask her if you want, though)

One further thought... i would venture to guess, that those that were on the "front lines" that lost their faith (if that really is possible... but we can save that discussion for another time), lost their faith, not because they found arguments that powerful, but because they shifted where their trust rests... either presuppositionally, or pridefully.

How many times have you read the Bible, Mike? How much have you studied God's Word? And how honestly have you studied God's Word?

Apart from studying for my own purposes, some of my largest leaps of growth have come when i've investigated skeptical claims with honesty and openness.

So, Mike, since you claim to be an atheist, you should have no fear in losing that which you don't have....

Why have you not read and studied the Bible with honesty and openness?

God Bless,

lilpixieofterror said...

Funny, I've read the Bible and I've been in love with history, science, and reading since I was a little girl. Hasn't destroyed my faith and just as I've heard others say before, my reading and studying has shown me this... there is a God and that is the truth, the entire universe speaks of his glory. John Loftus isn't at the top of Christian Apologetics at all and never was, he was a wannabe. BTW, Many people also became Christians after their study, CS Lewis, and Lee Strobel just to name a few, guess that proves atheism as false, eh?