Wednesday, 24 June 2009

How old do people live to?

As you know, the bible says that people lived thousands of years. I think there are 3 explanations and i ask you to decide which is the most plausable:

The bible is true
That people really live to thousands of years even though science has shown that people dont live that long. This option would only work if youre an idiot planning on throwing science out of the window

The bible is misunderstood
That we are misunderstanding how they measured ages when the bible was written. The problem is that your bible was translated by a proper translator and so is unlikely to be mistranslated.

The people who wrote the bible were stupid
The bible was written before scientists discovered how long people live and before theyd worked when people die they just guessed and got it wrong.

Ckearky option 3 is the best explanation for this and i hope we all agree that the bible just got it wrong.