Saturday, 26 April 2008

Hitler, Stalin, Mao were not atheists

To try and point out that not all the problems of the world are caused by religion, idiots who believe in sky daddies point out that some of the worst states were atheists ones, for example Stalin Russia. The problem i that people like Stalin were actually devout xians - why xians can't even get their most basic facts correct amazes me. This website shows the evidence for this. Indeed, if you look at the picture on the right you can see stalin hob nobbing with his xian friends.

What theists do is take intelligent people like Einstein and make out they believe in sky daddies despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Then they take someone like Stalin, who was certainly an xian, and make out they were an atheist. How dishonest can you get?

Friday, 25 April 2008

Learning biblical archaeology from Indiana Jones

I was watching Indiana Jones yesterday and although I realise that archaeologists don't really spend all their time running around old tombs I think we can learn more about biblical archaeology from these films than we might at first realise. Indiana Jones hears about these things and goes off to looks for them and of course finds them - that's how archaeology works. But suppose that he didn't find the hold grail or the ark of the covenant? What would he conclude then? Well obviously that these things don't exist. So if the bible is true what happened to the hold grail or the ark of the covenant? Did the first xians clumsily loose it? Have they been found and lost in the back of some warehouse? Or did jebus not exist? I know which option I'll put my money on.

Now if archaeologists discovered the ark of the covenant and everyone died who saw it xians might start to have something in the way of evidence.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Imagine no religion

We all know that religion causes wars, violence etc however how do we prove this? Well one trick I've always found works in debates (often stumps people and makes them resort to ad homin attacks) is referring them to Imagine by John Lennon. He is famous and has a lot of respect so his analysis of the situation should win anyone over

Also on the lines of imagine - take a look at this

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Use it or loose it

Nobody seems to be using my blog and posting intelligent comments. If you want me to keep on bringing amazing arguments to the web and showing xians rationality then please vote on the poll at the side and leave comments on the posts (you know 'i wish i could come with arguments that good' or 'i was an xian before reading your blog but now i've lost my faith) Otherwise it seems a bit pointless me writing such good posts only for nobody to read them Now maybe there are lots of people reading this blog who are just to shy to comment on anything so don't be shy.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

How Xians dismiss Sourcses that disprove the bible

Several years ago i was explaining to an xian how their illogical belief in the trinity was stolen from plato. They asked me for evidence for this and so after some quick googling I found a reputable historian called Kersey Graves. Did they accept it? No. They ridiculed me and called my source stupid (as you do when you know you've lost a debate) Then more recently I get the xians who tell me hat zeitgeist the movie or wikipedias aren't reliable sources. There really is a worring trend amongst xians to just dismiss my sources as invalid.

So what do xians use as their source? The bible. You know, that book full of talking donkeys, errors and contradictions. Nuff said. Give me kersey graves and wikipedia any day.

Monday, 21 April 2008

The historical evidence for Jebus

Often when xians look at the historical evidence for jebus they set three possibilities and rule out two of them and tell you that they must therefore be right. This is, ofcourse, a very dishonest technique. For exzample either the disciples were kiostaken, lying or telling the truth. Either jubus was good , bad or mad.

My Solution
One obvious option missed out is that they were being sarcastic. When Jesus said he was god he didn't really mean it and when the disciples said they saw Jesus feed 5000 people they were only joking. . Another example is that Jebus, the disciples and Paul etc did not exist and were inventions of the second century church. When we put our minds to it we can think of all kinds of plausable explanations of the data.

Sunday, 20 April 2008

god and rocks

People say that god is omnipresent - that means that he can do anything he wants. Therefore if god wanted to make a rock bigger than he could lift he could lift it. But that is illogical. I would say that this troubles idiots who believe in sky daddies but in reality they proberly haven't thought about it. Unfortunately people who believe in sky daddies tend to not think and when i put this to them they admit they have never thought about it. Occasionally you get someone who claims that this is a stupid argument but what is the point in worshipping something who can't lift rocks they can't lift. Once you start down that road then what is the difference between god and me? After all I to cannot make a rock to heavy to lift and nobody worships me. Well, some might worship me but that's another story.

If you believe in sky daddies then ask yourself why you worship something that can't lift rocks to heavy for it. Maybe you should abandon your fairytale belief and become a thinking person like me.