Friday, 25 April 2008

Learning biblical archaeology from Indiana Jones

I was watching Indiana Jones yesterday and although I realise that archaeologists don't really spend all their time running around old tombs I think we can learn more about biblical archaeology from these films than we might at first realise. Indiana Jones hears about these things and goes off to looks for them and of course finds them - that's how archaeology works. But suppose that he didn't find the hold grail or the ark of the covenant? What would he conclude then? Well obviously that these things don't exist. So if the bible is true what happened to the hold grail or the ark of the covenant? Did the first xians clumsily loose it? Have they been found and lost in the back of some warehouse? Or did jebus not exist? I know which option I'll put my money on.

Now if archaeologists discovered the ark of the covenant and everyone died who saw it xians might start to have something in the way of evidence.

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