Saturday, 11 April 2009

A solid case against the resurection

If you can argue you case against the resurection of jebus using facts accepted by both xian and intelligent freethinking historians then you have a strong case. Well william lane craig has written a book called the son rises* Well he clearly uses a play on words in the title with 'the sun rises' and 'the son rises' which shows that even xians notice the similarity between the words son and sun. Thus the resurection was copied from sun god worship.

If you havent read it then dont worry, neither have I as i think reading the title is enough.

Friday, 10 April 2009

When did jebus die?

Why is it that the date of easter changes each year? Xians often say that easter is to celebrate a certain number of years since jebus died however if the date of easter keeps changing then it cant possibly be on the same day jebus died.

It also raises another stunning question...why did the bible writers record jebus genealogies in great detail however not record the date of easter incase people wanted to celebrate it afterwards. Afterall, they had festivals in jebuss day so the thought must have occured to them. Is it because easter never happened?