Wednesday, 6 May 2009

God Vs the Bible

Has anyone come across this free e-book. its pretty good. And free. You should all read it.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Some lessons from hollywood

I went to see x men origin wolverine and in it a character says that their powers arent gifts because gifts can be given back. Now when I see a movie I tend to think more deeply about it than most people, due to my intellect, and so realised what the character was saying. If a sky daddy gave us gifts then we would be able to give them back. Yet we cant. So when xians talk about gifts we must wonder how they are gifts when we are unable to return them. I also wondered why you sky daddy gave me the gift of logic and skillful argument if they knew that i would use it to figure out they dont exist?

Also I saw this article claiming that the vatican are against the angel and demons film. no doubt some will try to justfy it it with all the usual claims...oh its a factually inacurate film...oh why would the vatican want to be associated with such a film...........Id like to suggest and alternative-the vatican have something to hide. Just think about it.