Friday, 25 June 2010

MWV is a fraud

Ive just noticed this in mwvs blog. this is typical christian dishonesty. Going around lieing and pretending to be something theyre not. it shows how week the evidence for christianity is when they go around lieing like that. the sheer dishinesty. I guess jebus taught you to lie. yeah?

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Some tips for MWN

Now mwn wants me to list my top ten argument against christianit so here we go (in no particular order)

1.who made your sky daddy?
2.theres no evidence your sky daddy exists.
3.Christianity contradicts naturalism
4.My argument from Google maps (its been an internet sensation so it must be good)
5.Your sky daddy doesn’t always let me have my own way, therefore they don’t exist
6.the similarities between astrology, Mithras and jesus
7.what about other religions
8.the bible contains contradictions and the say daddy does nasty things in it
9.Christopher hitchens has some amusing anocdotes and stories about the church and pope, therefore your sky daddy doesn’t exist bill maher so nicely puts it – Christianity is ridiculous.

Now as for books, you cant go wrong with the new atheists – the jesus papers by micahel baigent is also a good read. Id also recommend watching zeitgeist the movie and the god who wasn’t there (did you know that paul never mentions jesus in his letters and that son god sounds like sun god?)

dont forget to read through my blog archive - youll be amazed at all the arguments found in previous blog posts