Friday, 13 March 2009

Why cant i fly?

Im sure we have all seen a superheros movie, like superman or batman. Now who here can deny that a super hero is better than a person. I mean they can fly around etc. Now if we were intelligently designed then why didnt your sky daddy make us as superheros?

So if your sky daddy could make a better creation, and a better possible creation is possible then why didnt they make it?

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

We just dont know

Most xian arguments comit the 'god of the gaps' logical fallacy. They assume that simply because the atheist cannot completely answer there argument then their sky daddy must exist. So for example they argue that because atheists cannot explain where there universe came from their sky daddy must have made it yet ignore the fact that scientists of the future might find the answer. Or simply because atheists cannot explain the historical evidence for the resurrection* then Jebus rose from the dead. But how do they know that historians of the future wont invent a killer argument that nobody at the moment has thought of?

Infact atheists are less arogant and more open minded as we simply aknowledge that we dont know. Now i dont meant that we dont know in the classical sense (as in we are not agnostics) and we know that there sky daddy doesnt exist just as we know that fairies dont exist at the bottom of our gardens. But if we dont know then we should know it isnt true. I think that makes sense.

*Actually atheists can explain it quite easily, but lets pretend they cant purely for arguments sake.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

24% of people lie about reading the bible.

Apantly 24% of people have pretended to read the bible when they havent in order to impress people. I think its fair to say that an atheist would never think reading the bible was something to be proud of and so clearly the 24% of people are xians. I thought xians werent meant to lie.

Next, 6% of people lie about reading the selfish gene by richard dawkins. Again, these are almost certianly xians trying to look more open minded than they actual are. Why cant xians just admit that they are xians because they are ignorant and cant be bothered to read?