Sunday, 7 June 2009

How people should think

I think there are some fundamental things which need explaining. Most xians dont seem to get these rules and it caused them to come up with really stupid arguments. They are:

1)If it supports atheism then its proberly true. You see, xians have a reputation for lying and getting things wrong(just look at the creationist movement) whereas atheists dont. Lets put it like this, if someone came to you and said they saw a flying pig...then someone else said they had evidence the first person hadnt seen a flying pig. Who would you believe? So information which supports atheism is more reliable.

2)If it supports xianity then it isnt true. The reverse of point 1. people dont rise from the dead so any argument that suggests otherwise is invalid

3)If its on the internet then its proberly true (taking into account points 1 and 2) The internet isnt run by the governement or the church and so anyone can post the truth on it.

This ties into the sceptical aproach that only believs things backed up by good evidence and logic.