Monday, 21 April 2008

The historical evidence for Jebus

Often when xians look at the historical evidence for jebus they set three possibilities and rule out two of them and tell you that they must therefore be right. This is, ofcourse, a very dishonest technique. For exzample either the disciples were kiostaken, lying or telling the truth. Either jubus was good , bad or mad.

My Solution
One obvious option missed out is that they were being sarcastic. When Jesus said he was god he didn't really mean it and when the disciples said they saw Jesus feed 5000 people they were only joking. . Another example is that Jebus, the disciples and Paul etc did not exist and were inventions of the second century church. When we put our minds to it we can think of all kinds of plausable explanations of the data.

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Spacefoetus said...

and I suppse they gladly went to their deaths for their hilarious joke?