Sunday, 20 April 2008

god and rocks

People say that god is omnipresent - that means that he can do anything he wants. Therefore if god wanted to make a rock bigger than he could lift he could lift it. But that is illogical. I would say that this troubles idiots who believe in sky daddies but in reality they proberly haven't thought about it. Unfortunately people who believe in sky daddies tend to not think and when i put this to them they admit they have never thought about it. Occasionally you get someone who claims that this is a stupid argument but what is the point in worshipping something who can't lift rocks they can't lift. Once you start down that road then what is the difference between god and me? After all I to cannot make a rock to heavy to lift and nobody worships me. Well, some might worship me but that's another story.

If you believe in sky daddies then ask yourself why you worship something that can't lift rocks to heavy for it. Maybe you should abandon your fairytale belief and become a thinking person like me.

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