Wednesday, 18 June 2008

The bar? what bar?

sometimes people accuse freethinkers of raising the bar everytime xians give us some evidence. Well firstly xians never give us evidence and secondly your sky daddy shouldnt have made it possible to raise the bar. we can ask for as much evidence as bloody well like and if you cant give it to us then your religion is stupid.


Anonymous said...


Again you misunderstand. You have not RAISED the bar... you move the goalposts.

Ok, since you are on about evidence, would you show some evidence for your beliefs?

No cheating and using something some scientist says.... I want you to prove, with your own work, that
1)the Big Bang happened
2)that molecules-to-man Evolution is a fact
3)that the world outside your mind even exists

And the big one...
4)That your belief that God does not exist, is a true belief.

And remember Mike, your own work, not Hawking, or Einstein, or Bertrand Russels little teapot...
YOUR work.

Prove to us that you are a freethinker worthy of being taken serious.
Prove to us that your belief that atheisism is a correct belief, is a true belief.

If you can't, then your atheism is a stupid religion. ;)

God Bless you,

lilpixieofterror said...

Isn't his excuse finding amazing?

Anonymous said...


I was just giving your post of the day some more thought, and i realised something that i think you are confusing.

You said, "secondly your sky daddy shouldnt have made it possible to raise the bar".

I think what one way that you are confused, is that you think God wants you to come to Him on your terms. But, according to the Bible, we are to come to God on His terms.... which is in humility, recognizing that we need Him.

God Bless,

Mike is Wright said...

i cant believe that you havent grasped how atheists dont have to give evidence for their faith.

And no, your sky daddy should come to me on my terms

lilpixieofterror said...

They don't? Where did that rule come from? Did you just make it up?

Anonymous said...

The Presumption of Atheism has been destroyed.... only stupid or dishonest philosophers still try to use it.