Saturday, 21 June 2008

Why re our testciles on the outside?

Why is it that your sky daddy put our testicles on the outside and made them very sensitive? Surely an intelligent designer would but them on the inside covered in protective stuff like armour. Indeed, there are many things badly designed in the universe. So if there is a designer they cant be very intelligent. And thats before we ask who designed the designer. Clearly this universe wasnt designed.


Anonymous said...


Well, at least this is the first time i've seen this complaint (well, at least the first part)

That's fine Mike, that you think this was a bad design, but i, for one, am quite happy with the sensitivity and the location of my nuts.

As to the second part.... let me rephrase your own argument in a way that helps you understand the classic answer, and the current answer (i'll leave LPoT the opportunity to discuss the cosmological argument w/ you)

OK, Mike... the rephrase:

If the universe is all that ever was, what made the universe.

God Bless,

lilpixieofterror said...

My dear Mikey, do you even understand ID or the cosmological arguments? Let me help you out a bit.

1. The reason why testicles are where they are is because they require a lower temperature to produce sperm. Both the female and male body has advantages and disadvantages; however; that doesn't show intelligent design is false, why? Because any engineer knows that for every advantage or best design, there is going to be disadvantages. Tall buildings have more space, but are taller you go, the more suspect the building becomes to wind, earthquakes, or something hitting it.
2. Why doesn't God give you armor? Simple mobility... if we were all covered in armor, we couldn't of survived because we would of been unable to hunt food. Remember, early humans had to be mobile and fast in order to eat and avoid being eaten.
3. Therefore, there is no case of 'bad design' at all, just mikey making dumb arguments.

Now Mikey, give an example of bad design please, this one is pretty dumb.

Mike is Wright said...

O.K then. Why didnt your sky daddy give us two mouths as then people wouldnt choke to death

Anonymous said...

Mike, God didn't run His plans past me or anyone else for approval. He did not need to. Creation was His plan, and He created in the manner to suit His own desires and purposes.

Now, if you are going to complain that it hurts when you break your nails, and complain that God should not have allowed us to have the possiblity to get hurt, keep in mind that we are in a world that is a punishment, in order to bring us toward Him and away from Hell.

God Bless,

lilpixieofterror said...

O.K then. Why didnt your sky daddy give us two mouths as then people wouldnt choke to deat

You might want to learn to spell before you speak, makes you look like an idiot. Anyway.... onto your stupidity... you don't choke because something gets stuck in your mouth retard, it is because something gets stuck in your throat. Try taking a basic biology class and just maybe... you can at least make correct references to biology.

Sir-Think-A-Lot said...

Arent our balls on the outside so they can keep cool? IIRC sperm are so sensitive to tempeture changes that even wearing tight pants can lower sperm count. If they were kept inside then all our sperm would be killed making us unable to reproduce.

I also dont see what the problem is with the sensitivity of our balls either. In fact there are times when I rather enjoy it(although from his posts I think Mike Trite is too young to know what I'm talking about).

I suppose it can be a problem if you're playing sports, but thats why we have jock straps. Wear them and you shouldnt have too big a problem.