Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Your sky daddy is unfalsafiable

Imagine that you woke up one morning and the words 'I exist - love god' were written in the sky. Would that be conclusive proof that god exists. Well no, it could be that the vatican somehow discovered how to write words in the sky and are tricking us. Or maybe we could turn to paralel universe theory in which case everytime a cloud moves a bit two universes are created, one with the one cloud formation in and another with a different cloud formation. Over enough paralel universes all containing randomly shaped clouds, it would hardly be surpsing that one of them contained clouds that spelled out the words 'i exist - love god' Here lies the problem for the theist, whatever evidence you provide for your skydaddy us atheists will find an alternative explanation. Therefore your sky daddy hypothesis is unfalsafiable and as any atheist logic book will tell you, if a theory is unfalsafiable then it cannot be true.

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johnny said...

Hi Mike...

Here's how to show that your post is nonsense..

It fails it's own test. ;-)