Tuesday, 1 June 2010

hole to hell

A hole has apeared in Ciudad de Guatemala. now some people say it is a hole into hell however you can clearly see the bottom in the photos and evidently hell aint there. tough luke xians as another part of your faith is shown to be a joke.


johnny said...

Hi Mike!! It's been a long time, i was afraid you'd given up.

First, you said that you can clearly see the bottom, but in the two pictures i found, i don't see the bottom.
I also don't see a house on the corner nor in the sink hole.

That said, i'm curious about how you think this shows anything about our Faith, particularly about the doctrine of Hell... care to explain yourself?

Third, here is a picture of another sink hole... also in Guatemala..


Fourth... great to see you back. Don't be such a stranger. Your blog just aint the same without you.


johnny said...

Sorry, someday i'm gonna hafta learn how to include images.. the url got cut.

I found it at: http://gizmodo.com



It was posted by semaanaudioengineeri at 01:41 AM

It says that its about twice as deep as the Statue of Liberty is tall, without the pedestal.

Oh, and for the record, just because someone names a hole "the gates of hell have opened", does not mean that the person naming it believes his own label or that it represents anything.

You've GOT to realise that, but just incase, i figure we should point that out.

ok, good night.

MWM said...

i just became an atheist because of this post!

johnny said...

I find it hard to believe someone would adopt a new worldview so easily, so i'm guessing either you're sarcastic or you were already leaning about 99.99999% toward atheism before reading one thing by either Mike or me.

His arguments are so weak that many have wondered if he were a parody.

I don't think he's a parody because he has used too much blasphamy, even after it was pointed out.