Monday, 9 June 2008

Why science andf religion are incompatible: A youtube video

I think this video I came across the other day sums up why mythology such as xianity and science are incompatible. It also show why thinking people are so annoyed at xians. I quite often feel the same frustration that guy in the video shows and so can simpothise.


spacefoetus said...


spacefoetus said...

haha, well I watched the video. Firstly, Mike, he offered no reasons why evolution and christianity cannot be reconcilled. He claimed that it couldn't be because the Pope doesn't know science. Well, to be fair, the Pope probably knows more science than a 15 year old kid who can't stop swearing. And what does that kid know about thelogoy? How can he bitch about religious people commenting on science, then comment on religion without any knowledge of it?

Basically his argument can be summed up as

1. Christianity cannot be reconsiled with science
2. Some people say it can but they are wrong
3. They are wrong because christianity cannot be reconciled with scientist.

Beg the question much?

lilpixieofterror said...

Hey Mikey, I am a science student... so can you give a real argument and not youtube videos?

Anonymous said...

WOW!! lol

one of the comments (by the guy in the video) was that the religious are "Yes, they are just as sensiable as me - but they have that little dangerous, irrational side to them."

Did SolRosenberg84 even watch himself on his own video?

Thanks for the laugh Mike.