Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Genesis is a myth

My blog seems to be atracting intelligent people from across the internet. My last post recieved a comment from Mark, so I popped over to his blog and was impressed. I knew he was intelligent when i saw a link to the skeptics annotated bible in his links list, which happens to be one of my favorite websites to. Then I read his most recent post. I would encourage you xians to take a look at his last post. It's a pure work of genius.

I just cant believe that xians are so stupid they actually believe this genesis nonsense.

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Anonymous said...

yup, i checked out his post and it is evident that he either didn't read the whole context, or he is misrepresenting the accounts.

Instead of "pure..genius" i would say "lazy or dishonest".
But considering the quality of your complaints, i could see why you would think he's better than you. ;)