Friday, 5 September 2008

Johhny makes his most tupid comment yet

Some idiot who goes under the name of Johnny wrote:

If i'm wrong, and God does not exist, then i really could not care less, what you believe.
And if that is the case, it honestly does not matter.

Now I thought that pascals wager had been universally rejected and had no idea that some people were still so stupid they still used it. The problem here is that i could say to johhny that he can go to heaven if they worships me. If im wrong i have nothing to loose.


Anonymous said...

I read your bio once again and I will have to say your strongest attribute would have to be your modesty.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,

You claim it's stupid, but you fail to show where it fails. OH, you make an attempt, however you miss a crucial point.

The point you miss, is that if natural origins is the truth, the only reason you have for living, is that you haven't died yet.

Let me try to explain to you in different terms.

In your profile you say,

"I am an intelligent young man who likes spreading evidence and reason. I have won employee of the year 5 times showing my excellence and happen to know more about th bible than your average xian."

So tell me Mike, if we are just a product of natural laws, what does it really matter if you are intelligent, or that you like spreading evidence and reason?

For that matter, what does evidence and reason really matter?

Or, truth?

Or, since you are just a product of time plus matter plus chance, HOW could you even know truth apart from accident? (and yes, that question had two meanings).

It's my guess that you didn't actually think that post was stupid as much as i think it offended you.
I mean i can picture you thinking, "the only reason johnny cares about me, is because he believes in God".

And again, if God does not exist, does anything really matter?

Instead of being offended, think on the bright side.... at least johnny cares for you for some reason.... and he cares for you because Jesus cares for you.

God Bless,