Friday, 27 March 2009

Black Holes

"Black holes are where god divided by zero." Anomonyous

Why does your sky daddy make mistakes when they are meant to be infalliable.


johnny said...

Why are black holes a mistake?

Why would you think that Anonomous is correct?


CodewordConduit said...

Yeah Anonymous should support his opinion a little bit.

Johnny, what's your name on TWeb?

johnny said...

xtreem5150ahm, CC, but i haven't been logged in since sometime in Jan or Feb i think. I now just pop in occasionally to see if anything might be interesting.
The last conversation i remember participating in, was with Mountain Man (i think) about the use of insults (i think i mentioned something about this to you) and whether it is ok to use them because Jesus did (i'm meaning this as a 'follow Jesus' pattern), or if we are allowed to, but should not make it a habit-- there are other, more Spirit fruitful ways to have discussions with the currently un-Saved.

As i think you know, i think it's sometimes helpful to be abrupt... maybe a bit sarcastic even, but my position is that the less often the rude statements are used, the better all around.

Have you been on tweb much? I'm guessing that it's calmed down some since your first few days.


Anonymous said...