Monday, 6 July 2009

why do atheists hate your sky daddy?

You might wonder why hate and spend so much time arguing against something that doesnt exist. My response would be to ask why you spend so much time worshipping somthing that doesnt exist? then theres the fact this made up thing causes people to fly planes into buildings and believe the earth if 6000 years old.


johnny said...

Hi Mike,

I don't wonder why you hate God. I don't even wonder why you spend so much time evangelizing atheism (yes, that is what you are doing).

You asked why we spend so much time worshipping something that doesnt exist.
I don't worship something that doesnt' exist.

I worship the Living God.

What i do wonder is why you think that morality exists, but if atheism is true, you have no objective basis for it.
(i.e. you condemm me for belief in a young earth, but if God does not exist, neither does your moral basis to condemn).

Furthermore, you've yet to actually give a good reason to not believe.

Your atheism is simply wishful thinking.


Anonymous said...

No Johnny, your beliefs are just wishful thinking. How many people do you hear saying, "I LIKE to think there is a god and we go to a better place when we die?" Its because its easier to think that than face the harsh reality of the situation.

johnny said...

Incorrect, anon.


johnny said...


My biological dad was an atheist (according to my mom). He died shortly before i was born. According to the Bible, he died in his sins without a Savior. This means he went/will go to Hell.

Ok, so i never met the man and i might not care...
I had a friend who was a great human being. I loved him.
From our conversations i am doubtful that he believed that Jesus was his Savior.
From what i know about his beliefs and about God's Word, he most likely went to/will go to Hell.

THAT is the harsh reality of the situation, Anon.

God Bless,

Anonymous said...

Anon I believe you are wrong too. I choose not to accept the harsh reality because reality without a sky daddy is the reality we as men embrace. Without a sky daddy there are no rules. We make up the rules as we go along. If we like something today we say it is good. If we dislike something tomorrow we say it is evil. Each day dawns a new world which we control. Embrace the beauty of evolutionary change and know that you are getting better each day.

So Saith The Velvet Evolver...