Thursday, 13 August 2009

Your sky daddy's big blunder

I was thinking how your sky daddy made trees with apples growing on them. But heres the problem. If they have been a really intelligent designer then they'd have designed ones with pizzas growing on them. Pizzas taste nicer than apples? Right? Well would a pizza tree be better than an apple tree? Right? So an intelligent designer would fill the universe with pizza trees instead of apple trees. Right?


Poetsong said...

Maybe he made apples because they are healthier. Also, if he made pizza trees what would Italians do?

See He is way ahead of you.

Anonymous said...

If he had thought it out he could have made pizzas healthy and put them on trees that kept the cheese at just the right temperature. As far as the Italians you Xians are racist for stereotyping pizza makers.

So saith the Velvet Evolver.