Wednesday, 21 October 2009

am i to stupid to exist?

Somebody has left such an illogical comment on my blog that i felt i had to comment:

your to stupid to exist

Clearly im not stupid and clearly i exist. But even if i was supid, plants are stupid as they dont have brains yet they exist. Gosh- i cant believe how illogical xians are


johnny said...

Hi Mike.

How do you know that anon was calling you stupid and not me?

How do you know that the person calling someone stupid is a Christian?

In fact, does it matter?.... i mean, anon said, "your to stupid to exist" when anon should have said, "you're too stupid to exist".

And one last thing... anon called someone stupid, as if something could be done about it. Can a person with beauty make a valid claim that they had anything to do with their looks?
We are born with our level of intelligence, given to us by our parents. Calling someone stupid is reduced to either a useless observation or an indication of the caller's own lack of intelligence.

peace Mike.

johnny said...

Hi Mike,

I got a spare minute and would like ask you...

In your opinion Mike, what is your (one) best reason for not believing God exists? Evolution? Unanswered prayer? Evil? Christian (religious) hypocricy? Or just your opinion?