Thursday, 26 November 2009

Jebus - a druid copy cat?

it appears that there is evidence that jebus (if he existed) visted england and was taught by druids. I guess it looks like xianity was stolen/plagiarised from druidism.

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johnny said...

In your Nov 26 entry of your "Faces in Places" blog topic, you say, "why would i want to accept somebody who never even existed as my saviour?"

In the BBC News article, it states, "Dr Strachan believes it is "plausible" Jesus came to England for his studies".

Can you tell how it is "plausible" for someone that you claim to never have existed, to visit anywhere, let alone England?

Your objections, Mike, are not even plausible. If He never existed, there can not be evidence that Jesus visited England... which means you are calling Dr. Strachan (your temporary "knight in shining armour") a liar.

Further, according to:

Blake (the author of the Poem, Jerusalem) used Jerusalem here, as "the symbolic residence of a humanity freed of the inter-related chains of commerce, British imperialism, and war. Blake's "mental fight" is directed against these chains." ... in other words, Blake used "those ancient feet", and Jerusalem as synonymns of a metaphoric paradise.

I'm not familiar with the history of England, but a quick search on the web seems to deny the claim that Jesus founded a Christian church in AD 37, since, according to Peter Williams Ph.D,
England was not invaded by Rome until after Christ was crucified.....
Now think about it, Mike, if Jesus founded a church that holds to the claim that Jesus is God-- if Jesus was only a human, he would know that he was a lying blasphemer...
Think Mike... He's a Jew, promoting belief in God by using Blasphemy, and He would know that He was not raised from the dead, so He could not forgive His own Sins.