Monday, 17 January 2011

The Season of the WItch

I saw the film season of the witch at the weekend and the first two thirds were very historically acurate. It showed how a handful of crusaders would trot around Europe going from town to town killing millions of innocent people simple because they thought their sky daddy wanted them to. It showed how the church used violence to bully people into seeing their truth. It showed how villages were killing anyone that might possibly be a witch and how supersition drowns people and utters spells where science would have found a medical cure. Unfotunatly after displaying such historical acuracy for the first two thirds of the movie the last part was rubbish showing some cgi devil and magic. Shame, what started of as a good film could have had such a rubbish ending.

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MWM said...

hey if historians SOMEHOW proved 100% that jesus rose from the dead, would u believe?