Saturday, 3 May 2008

And Jesus said 'thou shalt bully those more intelligent than you'

On this theologyweb nonsense there is this other very intelligent member called doubting john. Like me he gets bullied on the message board by all the xians who want to avoid addressing any arguments. He has a book out which I will buy when it is published. To demonstrate how unreasonable they are, one member even said that:

I don't argue with you to give you an education, I do it for my own entertainment

In other words the forum is not about reasonable debate but bullying freethinkers because they get some kind of pleasure out of it. Well I suppose that they know they can't win at an intellectual debate so they resort to being nasty.


John W. Loftus said...


Thanks for everything.

They are like a pack of hyenas.

Mary said...

Both of you are made of lolz. Calling it "bullying" is ridiculous. These guys say things the way they do because both you, MikeWrightoff, and Doubting Johnnycake, have shown that you're not about rational debate. All as you guys want is to trash Christianity, not honestly debate it. And you don't even do a very good job of that--given the extreme, fundy-ish ignorance shown by the both of you.

Jesus didn't take the kid gloves off when debating the likes of the Pharisees. BTW QQ moar johnnycake. kthxbai.

John W. Loftus said...

Mary, you can be shown to be wrong twice in just the above few sentences:

1) You wrongly think you can ridicule apostates because Jesus ridiculed the Pharisees.

2) You think you are so sure of that which you believe that it gives you and others that right.

Both are serious errors. If we were to talk about ignorance, then it is you and those at Tweb who exhibit this trait the most.


Spacefoetus said...

Mike, tbh the arguments you've given on TWeb were all answered perfectly yet instead of addressing the rebuttles you ignored them then broke forum rules rpeatably by saying "sky daddy" over and over again.

you were given a warm welcome in the admissions office even though our opening post was arrogant and, yes, quite stupid.

You may THINK you are an intelligent person, and maybe you are, but when it comes to philosphy you have a LOT to learn.

lao tzu aka taoist said...

Hiya Mike.

Any discussion board is bound to attract good netizens and bad, and to be run more or less "reasonably." Yes, they've got their outhouse apologists, but they also let us heathen post, which is a good deal more than can be said for TWeb's parent board, or any number of others, theistic and atheistic alike.

It pays to keep in mind that no DB is a peer-reviewed journal. At their core, they're about socializing, not instructing. The first rule is to find someone you like, or at the very least someone with whom you enjoy discussing.

Humans are relationship machines. Build a good relationship and you can say just about anything and have it considered seriously. Build a reputation for antagonism, and even your most uncontroversial views will be challenged.

As ever, Jesse