Thursday, 22 May 2008

Son god = sun god

Some people try to claim that scholars dont believe Jebus was ripped of from son god worship. Now this might seem odd as youd think that the startling similarity between 'son god' and 'sun god' is to much of a coincidence to ignore. However being open minded i though id check out what most scholar think. I hopped straight onto google scholar. You can see what i found in the picture above.


The Reasonable Atheist said...

Most scholars think that Jesus was based on sun god worship. When Christians try to make you think otherwise they're either being ignorant or dishonest. I think they should force all Christians to watch Zeitgeist the Movie as I bet that if they did Christianity would disappear over night.

Nick said...

Mikey. Tell me the Greek word for "sun" and the Greek word for "son." Thanks.

And by the way, I have seen Zeitgeist. In fact, we played it at our Seminary. Very hilarious. If anyone gives it credibility, it's simply because they're ignorant on history.

Anonymous said...

Mike, so far you have not given the slightest bit of argument against Christianity.

But i wonder...

Have you questioned your own worldview as much as you think you've questioned Christianity?

Would you mind if we asked you some questions for you to answer as an atheist and a bright?


Mike is Wright said...

obviously the greek word for son and sun was the same. Filmmakers do basic research. Obviously they get their facts wrong sometimes but they're not that stupid.

Anonymous said...


Unfortunately, i don't see any logical way your film makers could have made a simple mistake....

the Greek for 'sun' is helios.
it is Strong's number G2246 (i'm not sure if this blog will handle the Greek letters, but here is the Strong's entry:

From ἕλη helē (a ray; perhaps akin to the alternate of G138); the sun; by implication light: - + east, sun.

The Greek for 'son' is:

Apparently a primary word; a “son” (sometimes of animals), used very widely of immediate, remote or figurative kinship: - child, foal, son.

It also is (Strong's numbers) G5206 or G5043:

From a presumed compound of G5207 and a derivative of G5087; the placing as a son, that is, adoption (figuratively Christian sonship in respect to God): - adoption (of children, of sons).

From the base of G5098; a child (as produced): - child, daughter, son.

But i think there is another way to say son... like if i were to say 'Davidson' i.e. son of David, i think it would be 'bar-David' or something like that.

God Bless you Mike,

Nick said...

Mikey. It's not obvious. Have you studied and Greek? A wiser approach would be to go and look up the words rather than mouthing off out of ignorance making you look more foolish than normal.

Mike is Wright said...

if the bible was your sky daddys word you wouldnt need to look words up

Anonymous said...

Mike said:

"if the bible was your sky daddys word you wouldnt need to look words up".

i would really like to see you prove that one.

Why is it, that God must do things the way you would do things?
Or even, why must He do things any particular way, other than His?