Sunday, 18 May 2008

Were all atheists when you think about it...

When an intelligent person thinks about it, we're all atheists when it comes to zues, mithras, dionysus, flying teapots, flying spagetti monsters and many other deities. Some of us have just gone one sky daddy further and denied them all.


Spacefoetus said...

an "athiest" is someone who doesn't believe that a god exists.

When I look at Zeus (zues?) I say "He is a character from Greek myhology, he doesn't exist, unlike the real God"- so a I an athiest when it comes to Zeus? No.

Same goes for Mythra (not mithras), and Dionysus.

I don't see how ANYONE can claim to be an "athiest" when it comes to flying. I don't believe in flying teapots, therefore I don't believe in God? WHERE do yuo get your logic?

Same goes for Flying Spagetthi Monster, as he was invented by some guy to parody the Intelligent Design movement.

That statement is atually a well known athiest quote, and was, rather suspiciously, Hyperbrains signature. But maybe I'm reading into things too much.

btw Mike, have you noticed that all your commenters are Christians refuting you? Wheres the atheists giving you praise and standing up for you?

lilpixieofterror said...

I see Mikey is saying more stupid things. I know this is going to blow your mind, but believing in a monotheistic religion means that by default that I have to believe other gods don't exist. That doesn't make me an atheist since I'd have to believe all gods don't exist and since I believe one does I can't be an atheist. As for the teapot thing, I already explained that and if you can't figure it out... well... that is your fault. Yet again you make an idiot of yourself, congrads.

A Deeper Look said...

nice parody... it's a good laugh

Nick said...

Mikey. How can I believe in one God and be a believer in no gods?

Sir-Think-A-Lot said...

I do love how athiests play these semantic games.