Monday, 5 May 2008

Virtual Jesus

I don't spend all my all my time watching atheist videos on youtube. Sometimes I watch general ones as well (and ofcourse I don't spend all my time on youtube full stop) One cool video is this one called the virtual barber shop. Basically you put your headphones on (you have to do this for it to work as it won't have the full effect with normal speakers) and shut your eyes. Basically it makes it feel like there is a man actually in the room with you. You've properly seen those 3d cinemas, well this does the same but with sound. Anyway, make sure you watch it.

Then it occured to me that it is very easy to trick the brain. The virtual barber thing makes it feel like a man is in the room with ou but there isn't one. Maybe when xians talk about religious experience it is something very similar. They think they can feel Jesus but is is an illusion of the brain.

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Mary said...

Sorry, you fail. The "trick of the brain" you're referring to actually has something to do with SOUND. As in, the person can HEAR someone, so if he closes his eyes so that he doesn't see who is or is not there, he could think that someone's there. After all, if you hear someone talking, there HAS to be a source. Even if it's not a person in the room, it's coming from somewhere.

The idea that a similar "trick of the brain" affects Christians into thinking Jesus exists is not only ridiculous, but it has no equivalent mechanism. What senses are the Christians relying on that make them "feel" as though "someone" (i.e. Jesus) was "there" (exists)? It just doesn't work as an analogy, sorry.