Saturday, 10 May 2008

the fallible word of a mistaken sky daddy

Thefre are some things historians dispute, such as the existence of Jebus. some which they know are definatly not true such as

->The existence of Nazareth
->the existence of Jospeh of Artmatihia
->The reserection of Jebus
->Talking snakes
->The existence of king Herod
->A bright tar in the sky when jebus was born

the list goes on. So why should we trust a book with so many erros in?


Spacefoetus said...

OK, firstly most if not all historians believe Jesus existed. I can name 3 "Jesus Mythers" and these guys argument have been refuted....for about a hundred or so years. No real histoirian subsribes to the "Jesus Myth hypothesis". Don't believe me? Go here:

OK then- for Nazerith-

For Joseph of Arimethea (which you spelt completely wrong btw)-

for the Ressurection go here- scroll down to "Jesus" and theres loadsss of articles under the heading "Ressurection"- its a lot of reading, but you're intelligent so it should be no problem for you.

On talking snakes- I believe in the Framework Hypothesis which treats Genesis as an allegory. The talking snake was never meant to be taken literally and is a representative of Satan.

King Herod- what the hell? Most historians believe Herod existed! Maybe 50 years ago they didn;t, but now we KNOW he was real!

The Star- well, there was no TAR in the sky, but as for the Star of Bethlehem, assumiming it wasn't a miraculous occurance for the benefit of the Magi ( and it could've been) there are three possibilities that I've copied from a Tektonics article about harmonizing the Nativity accounts:

" * A supernova. At the time Brown wrote, there was no evidence for this, but Keener [Keen.CGM, 103] reports that Chinese astronomers observed such an occurrence in 5-4 B.C.
* A comet. Halley's Comet made an appearance in 12-11 B.C. and the astrologically-minded magi might have seen some significance in it heading towards Leo (the "lion of Judah"?). Comets were usually taken as a catastrophic sign (which would explain why Herod was upset and Jerusalem with him, though this would mean no assoication with the Halley's visit), and this would entail rather a long wait for the magi to visit, which is perhaps not a problem.
* A planetary conjunction. A special "triple conjunction" of ars, Jupiter and Saturn took place in May-June, September-October, and December of 7-6 B.C. Again, our astrological magi might see some significance in that it occurred in Pisces, which was associated with the last days with the Hebrews. This would perhaps fit well with the idea of the birth of Jesus taking place during one of the Jewish festivals (Pentecost? Rosh Hashannah? Perhaps, even -- yikes! -- Haunakkah?) corresponding with these months. The magi of course would come two years or so later, and this would necessitate a "miraculous" explanation for their later guidance by the star. "

Soooo, it turns out NONE of these things are problematic for historians? There goes your argument Mikey!

Mike is Wright said...

Look, just linking me to xian apologetics website that lie and pretend these things existed is not good enough.

JB said...

Mikey is a coward who would never even think of actually reading the opposition. Good heavens, he might learn something! And we wouldn't want that, would we, Mikey?

Mike is Wright said...

lets put it like this, I can't help but notice that one of those links you gave is to tektonics which we all know is rubbish and inaccurate run by your friends at theologyweb. If you can't do better than linking me to some tin pot site you and your friends put together then there is no point in having this discussion. After some googleing I found this which shows how dishonest tektonics is.

P.S Stop editing my posts on theologyweb

Nick said...

hey Mikey. We will edit your posts if you put in what is blasphemy which you agreed to not do when you signed up at TheologyWeb. Are you wanting to say you were dishonest when you made that statement?

As for Tektonics being a lie, put up or shut up. Prove that it is.

Nazareth? Never looked at what James Strange said did you?

Joseph of Arimathea? It's highly unlikely that in writing to convince opposition, a member of the Sanhedrin would have been made a key hero for the gospel unless it was true.

Resurrection? Ever read Habermas and Licona?

Talking snakes? Only if you have a problem with miracles.

King Herod? You doubt his existence! I don't know historians that doubt that. Read Josephus sometime ya moron.

And the star in the sky? Check your astronomy. They kept records back then. It happened. What it was is still up for debate.

Mikey. Even if you think the opposition consists of idiots or lies, it behooves you to read them and learn their arguments. Why do you think I read drivel like The God Delusion?

Spacefoetus said...

Yes, in another so called "debate" you complained about Nick suggesting that you read a book by N.T Wright, claiming that it would just by him time to flee from you.

However, you have suggested that we read the God Delusion, books by Christopher Hitchins and a "science textbook".

Trying to bide some time sso you can flee?

Spacefoetus said...


And I noticed that your rebuttle to Tektonics was from a website by Archaraya S, a "Christ Myther".

Well, there are some nice answers to her claims, why not have a read at those?

And before you complain about linking me to some biased xian website, the site was done by an agnostic.

anyway, you're a laugh. You refuse to read Christian sources, yet you claim that you've read the Bible "unlike most xians". WHY can you read a book of well over a thousand pages with TINY TINY writting but refuse to read small internet articles.

Unless you're lying and hav'nt REALLY read he Bible.

And listen, why do you think Christian sources are all biased? Why would we believe it if there was nothing to it?!

JB said...

I see poor, widdle Mikey is still ignoring me. Poor persecuted Mikey! Maybe one of these days he'll at least muster up a bit of courage to take on big, bad JB in a debate.

SF Sok Puppet said...

I once heard that JP Holding is a child molester who tortures puppies in his spare time nd that tektonics is just there so silly xians send him money so he can buy more puppies/candy to intice children.

nd all historians that say that are part of the conspiracy i can prove it

1.Jesus wasnt real
2. everyone who says he was is stupid or part of a conspiracy
3. all historians say jesus was real
4. therefore all historians are either stupid or part of conspiracy

now, some xian historinas are stupid but some athiests even say jesus was real. athiests cant be stupid, so they must be part of the conspiracy.

im makin a utube video about it