Monday, 23 June 2008

Is everything in zeitgeist the movie false?

Xians often say that nothing in zeitgeist the movie is true, however towards the beginning of the film is the sum 1+1=2 written on the screen Now are xians saying that 1+1 does not equal 2? I'm confused. But if they accept that is correct then how do we know that other parts of the film arent true either, such as the son god = sun god bit? Xians just dismiss everything that doesnt fit their narrow bigoted views even when it means claiming 1+1 does not equal 2. How can you debate with people who dont accept basic maths?

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Spacefoetus said...

Well Mike, firstly I've NEVER heard a Christian say that "absolutly everything in Zeitgeist is false". Maybe you have. These people were clearly using a comman literary device known as "hyperbole". You use literary devices frequently and if we take what you say literally, your article will come out differently. For example, you use at least three "rhetorical questions" in you post. Now, if we use your method of interpretation then it would appear that you are actually sincerly asking advice on how to debate people who don't accept basic math. But, we can tell due to your use of literary device, that you are actually ASSERTING that you CAN'T debate people who don't accept basic maths and also implying that Christians don't.

Now, you have clearly, and dishonestly interpreted what Christians said (you didn't quote anyone, so for all I know you're burning a massive strawman, like in that movie, the Wicker Man). You know rightly that said Christian (if they exist) wasn't implying that literally EVERYTHING in the movie was wrong. They are reffering to the fact that the many "christ myther arguments" are wrong.

And your logic is terrible. Because Zeitgeist says that 1+1=2 and its correct, then EVERYTHING ELSE IT SAYS IS CORRECT. This is stupid, because even a child known 1+1, and you're not suggesting that everything children say is correct?

The Bible also gets basic facts correct, such as the location of certian ancient Jewish vilages that we didn't know existed apart from the Bible, until they were recently discovered by archeologists. By your logic, because it gets these basic facts correct, then it must all be correct.

But no. We know that the Christ Myther parts in Zeitgeist are false, because there is simply no evidence for the assertions. In fact most of them were simply made up. We don't assume this because we're "narrow minded"- we know this because of the facts.

Sorry Mikey- get better arguments.