Monday, 23 June 2008

More evidence that xians are lying about zeitgeit

Everyone on Digg thinks its the best movie ever.


lilpixieofterror said...

So they are as stupid as you, eh? Let me take a look at their comments:

"its not only Jesus
dude most of the literary stuff of Egypt was written before Jesus was "born" so plagiarism eh? by the bible
Touche, Occam´s razor"

*snort* Ummm, ther eis no parrell at all expect in the minds of a few fundy atheist. It's funny my liberal NT professor thought the copyist theory was false, but what does he know... he only has a master degree. Here is another stupid comment:

"He was pointing to time periods in history where new religions popped up and either were originally part of another religion or had to assimilate to survive and therefore picked up the traits of the preceding dominant religion."

Really? Where is his evidence for that?

Sounds like you found some people as stupid as you are, good job!

Spacefoetus said...

Mike, once again you have commited the fallacy of "argumentus ad populam". Just because something is popular doesn't mean its true and it doesn't render Christians liers.

For example, many people are big fans of the Bible. In fact, it is the best selling book in history. By your logic this makes the Bible the truest of books and renders all atheists, agnostics and members of other religions liers, including you.

Nevertheless, not "everyone" on Diggs thought it was thr best movie ever. You are inconsistont. You think its OK to use hyperbole here, yet in your very last "article" you accused Christians of being liers for using the exact same literary device.

You, sir, are a hippocrite.

Nevertheless, here are some instances where people in Diggs do NOT think that it is the "best movie ever".

"Does anybody explain the part in the movie that says people do not have to file their tax returns? Wikipedia states that there is a legal obligation to file the tax return."

"I'm really torn about this movie, I like how it tries to clear up some religious myths, but I can smell the BS behind it as well. I think the part that got to me was the explanation of the words "horizon", "hours", "sunset", this is simply false information."

"I am really impressed with Zeitgeist as a work of art (it's shockingly convincing), however many facts have been bent to serve the purpose of the creators. Although the movie lists a large number of references most of these sources are highly questionable or very loosely interpreted.

Even the Bible does not list the birth date of Christ to be December 25 and the other messiah's are not nearly as similar as it is portrayed. The movie has a very one sided take on 9/11. We all know we should never consult the official report for these kind of matters, but at least consult 911myths dot com for your mental health."

"The stuff about religion is good, but *****, the 9/11 conspiracy ***** is hilariously stupid. I can't believe how many people are swallowing this"

I find THAT comment particularly ironic.

"This is a response debunking the first part of the movie:

As for religion being a method of control... well, religious institutions receive their money tax free. Which screws over the federal reserve and the bankers. I can't see how the two are connected."

God bless ya Mike.

Sir-Think-A-Lot said...

Heres an interesting question Mike Trite: What do you think of Zeitgeit's non-religious claims? Specificly the part about the Federal Reserve and the US faking 9/11?

Just curious.