Monday, 14 July 2008

Mat Slick is ripped apart

The rational response squad have ripped apart this xian apologist called mat slick. He just kept telling them that he could only answer one question at a time and accused them of style over substance and interpupting him before he had time to answer etc He also kept getting his facts wrong and rook hawkins had to keep correcting him.

You can listen to it here, its worth doing if only for the cool rap song at the beginning.


lilpixieofterror said...

So, when will Rook Hawkins come and debate us on T web?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike.

I took a listen to the discussion. I personally do not think that Matt did a good job (although, better than i could do, i'm sure), however, i don't see that the RRS ripped anyone. Matt may not have given good answers (or, in some cases, any answer) but the RRS did not prove their points either.

Tell me, when Matt was crying "foul"... did it remind you of your cries at tweb?.... it seemed similar to me.

God Bless,

FiFi said...

Trouble is Johnny, you Christians butt in and don't give anybody else half a chance to speak, especially if you start to see the sense in what you're being told. I've seen it in your (well not yours, but people like yours) eyes - you glaze over and think what else you can butt in with. Its really annoying when you don't listen properly.

I'm guessing you're all yankee boys, but did anybody see the Richard Dawkins programme on Channel 4 last night? It was really good. We need more of that kind of thing in the mainstream media, and less 'Songs of Praise'.