Sunday, 13 July 2008

to big to measure

Firstly they seem to be moderating my posts again on theologyweb, clearly a ploy to prevent me making spacefoetus look stupid in a debate.

Science shows that things are measureable however xians say that their sky daddy is to big to measure and so it contradicts science.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,

First, take a look at the rules Tweb has regarding debates..
posts are moderated prior to being allowed (and i'm sure that if you are still using terms like 'jebus' and 'skydaddy', they will be refused until you correct them per website decorum.

Second, according to science, things measured are not always as they are. According to Relativity, the velocity of light is a constant, therefore distance and/ or time changes (relative to the observer). (velocity = rate times distance)

Third, since, according to science, the universe is expanding, but the universe had a beginning (the big bang is the current theory), what is beyond the universe? And can it be measured?

In otherwords, what is it expanding into? (the answer to this one, iirc, is that science doesnt know, and probably will never be able to know.)

Have a great day, Mike.

God Bless,

Spacefoetus said...

Mike, you're not being crapped upon by the staff at TWeb. Remember what I said to you on another comment?

"All challenges are "moderated" by mods before being posted onto the signup sheet. I submitted my challenge last night, but its still not up yet."

So stop crying "victim!"