Sunday, 19 October 2008

To many versions to choose from...

Now xians might not be aware of this, however there are different translations of the bible. So I can look up a passage in one bible and it will be different wording to if I looked it up in another. But if the bible is the word of a sky daddy then how come the wording is different depending on the version? Which bible is the word of your sky daddy? The origional greek version or the modern one, the old fashioned king james one or the johovah witness version?


Jake said...

The best translation of the Bible is a critical greek edition of the New Testament, and a critical hebrew edition of the old testament

Sir-Think-A-Lot said...

I'm really not sure how many Christians are unaware of this issue.

To answer your question:

The original Greek/Hebrew Bible is hte word of God.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,

Long time no talk... sorry 'bout that.

I think many Christians are aware that there are many translations. I, myself, have 19 different translations. When i study, i often compare the different translations to 1) see how the translators rendered different words and phrases. 2) if i'm stuck, it sometimes gives me a different perspective on how to understand a particular text.

Tell us Mike... are you familiar with how they translate text?

God Bless,