Friday, 7 November 2008

Bad Faith awards

You can now vote for the bad faith awards here. I notice that that tom wright guy they keep talking about at theologyweb has been nominated for one...


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,

Considering that YOU gave W.L. Craig (oh yeah, and me) Silver in YOUR olympics ;) lol

Is the whole world all about popularity? Pravda by Poll, as it were? Truth is only truth if enough people think it's true?

When are you, at least, going to realise that truth has nothing to do with survey? Truth is objective, not subjective.

As far as those polls go, what does it matter what others think as long as a person is right, honest and decent?

Have a good day Mike... or should we have a poll decide if you should try?

God Bless,

Jake said...

don't even begin to try to put yourself above N.T. Wright. He is, undeniably, one of the most brilliant and prolific new Testament scholars of our day. In the words of Marcus Borg of the Jesus seminar, he is Britain's premier historical Jesus scholar of this generation.

Mike is Wright said...

Then how come he is up for a bad faith award if he is as good as you make out?

Anonymous said...

Because Mike, it is a popularity contest lead by the "enemy" camp.


Anonymous said...

ooops, sorry, i forgot to add that it has no more relevence than the screwball awards.


Anonymous said...

"no more relavence than the screwball awards" the screwball awards are, of course, much more entertaining and much more informative.

Mikewright, he's recieving a nomination for hte bad faith awards because the people responsible for these bad faith awards are ****ing retards. N.T. Wright has recieved much scholarly praise for his christian origins and the question of God series (which I am about 4/10 the way through BTW, NTPG is some heavy reading)


Anonymous said...

Just like Mike's little poll, you can look at the current results. Out of a total of 4275 votes, only 39 folks have voted for N.T. Wright so far.... not quite zero percent.

As for the screwball awards... sure, they may be entertaining but so are the Sunday Funnies.


lilpixieofterror said...

I see atheism as a whole is getting stupider. Is that even possible?