Tuesday, 30 December 2008

The non-canonical gospels

Some interesting info...


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Anonymous, is there a particular columnist(s) that you think sheds some light on Mike's link? (either pro or con)

To me, this is an interesting "question" Mike brings up. It's something i've read a little about, but i don't have answers, so i'm just another observer for this one.


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Unfortunately it will not let me post the complete length and I cannot delete the post. I apologize.

johnny said...

could you say the columnist's name, and the name of the article (or whatever), so i can look it up on my own?

thanks either way,

Sir-Think-A-Lot said...

Hey Mike Trite NOT ONE of those Gospels pre-date the Biblical Gospels. Most of them post-date them by a couple centuries.

The only exception is the Gospel of Thomas, which most date to aprox 140 AD. Roughly 20 years after even the most liberal scholars date the Biblical Gospels.

But there were other reasons why the GoT was exluded.