Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The argument from Facebook

1. Most people have a facebook account
2. Therefore someone is either out of touch with 21st century culture or they are on Facebook
3. Jebus isnt on Facebook
4. therefore either jebus is out of touch with 21st century culture or does not exist


johnny said...

The other day i watched a Harold Lloyd movie (The Sin of Harold Diddlebock); i also watched Humphrey Bogart (Beat the Devil), Stanley Holloway (Passport to Pimlico) and Farley Granger (Behave Yourself).

The worst of the 4 was the Bogart movie and it wasn't too bad.

Passport to Pimlico was a great concept for a story.

My wife is gone with her mom tonight, so i think i might watch Spooks Run Wild (Bela Lugosi).


Anonymous said...

Anonymous is posting on a silly blog. 12:23 pm

Anonymous said...

Anonymous thinks Holloway played the roll of affable oaf wonderfully. Does anyone want to join my Mob? 1:39 pm

CodewordConduit said...

This blog is a veritable goldmine of hilarity.

Johnny did you ever see "Ed Wood"? If so how did you rate it?

I got bored, but I've never seen anything with Lugosi in it; and I'm not really one for B-movies so perhaps I missed a ton of references/

Sir-Thinik-a-Lot said...

Ed Wood was very good.

But right now I think I shall play Call of Duty. Many I'm addicted to that game.

johnny said...

Nope, this is the first i've heard of Ed Wood. An old girlfriend had liked Harold Lloyd, and, after seeing a few clips, i had enjoyed what i saw and wanted to see some more.
This past week end i found a 50 movie pack for 5 dollars (i think that would be about 2 and a half pounds ... i don't know, i'm just guessing). I only bought it because of the one Harold Lloyd movie, but i'm pleased that i liked the first four i watched.

Even though i had told Mike two nights ago, that i was going to watch Spooks Run Wild, i got a bit sidetracked on your blog, so i tried watching it last night.
It may have been boring or maybe it was good... it's a mystery cuz as soon as i sat down on the couch and started watching, i fell asleep.

It's time for bed now too. I'll try to read some more of your blog/thread sometime this weekend.

night all.


Anonymous said...

According to the
5 US dollars is 3.44685 GBP or 3.89588 EURo.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous is wondering what he should eat for lunch.

Posted 12:37 p.m.

Anonymous said...

Mike howsabout you post your facebook info and we can become pals?