Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Ray Comfort debunked

I was reminded of ray comforts banana argument and realised that it backfires. The origional argument is as follows:

1.Bananas are easy to eat
2.therefore his sky daddy made them

But we can actually turn the tables around:

1. cakes dont grow on trees
2. if your skydaddy existed why did they make bananas easy to east but make cakes difficult to make
3.therefore cakes would grow on trees if xianity were true
4.therefore your skydaddy doesnt exist

Isnt it odd how xians will look at all thie things that look designed and use it as evidence for their sky daddy however will ignore all the obvious things like the lack of cake trees that point away from design.


Sir-Think-A-Lot said...

I always thought the 'banna argument' was supposed to be a pardoy of the argument from desgin.

CodewordConduit said...

Mike please demonstrate that cakes never grew on trees before the fall.

johnny said...

Are cakes designed or did they evolve from millions of years of chance?


CodewordConduit said...


Please demonstrate that not one single cake has evolved somewhere in the Universe :p

I love the freedom to be so daft on here. It's like changing out of your work clothes, eating Haagen-Dazs and watching a comedy sitcom.

Mmmm lovely.

Hope you're keeping OK Johnny.

johnny said...

Lol, CC... i can honestly say that i don't have omniscience, so, i suppose cake evolution is possible.
However, Haagen-Dazs (ice cream in general) is ALWAYS good for the soul.

I love silliness (being daft?). When my youngest step-daughter was about 8, she scolded me in the grocery store for being more of a kid than kids are.
8 yrs later, i tell her that she used to be fun (she still is, but that thing about worrying what others think stiffles her "fun-ness").

Yes, i'm ok. Thanks for the concern. Almost always ok. Although we have a lot of family stuff going right now that drains my apologetic batteries. Last night i had planned on addressing the objective/subjective morals discussion on your blog, but noticed it was on the next page so i played a couple hundred games of minesweeper instead... --shrug--


John W. Locust said...

More faith-crippling arguments by the dozen! Keep em' coming, Mike!

- John