Friday, 19 June 2009

Clarifying my last post

Firstly, somebody called crusader for truth wrote on my last blog post:
"Mike, sorry dude but I don't think that's what Dawkins was saying at all. You have to marvel at the ways of the world, and the beauty of nature, but that doesn't mean that a god of any kind made these things."

I agree that we dont need a sky daddy to marvel at the world, however dawkins does believe we are robots. In an interview he said the following:
Far from it. A robot to me, then and now, is potentially an exceedingly complicated and indeed intelligent being. I was using the word robot as almost a sort of poetic evocation of the idea that here is this fantastically complicated machine which has been programmed to do something. What interested me is that it has been in advance programmed to work by all manner of complicated, flexible and if necessary intelligent means towards one end, which is the propagation of the DNA which did the programming.

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Crusader for Truth said...

Fair do's. Just don't want to give those religious nutters further cause to call atheists immoral. I think they got the wrong end of the meaning. It makes more sense now.