Friday, 19 June 2009

Craig vs hitchens debate

Aparantly the hitchens vs craig debate was put on youtube however was taken of before i got to see it. Judging by some of the comments left here craig must have been slaughtered:

i saw these yesturday, excellent series of q&a's Christopher won hands down :)

I've discussed this kind of thing with theists .Some of them asked me if I had heard William Lain Craig , as if he was this marvellous philosopher with proofs of Gods existence , well I'm less than impressed , He's rubbish

avatarI've just finished listening to William Lane Craig's opening arguments, and all I can say is:JESUS CHRIST!...Hitchens could, honestly, just come on now and break wind, and that would constitute a successful rebuttal.

sbooder- Even I could have torn this guy a new asshole- and thats not too impressive.

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Jake said...

All i have to say in response to those comments is this: Trying to make sense of madness will drive one to madness