Wednesday, 29 July 2009

more on francis collins

You may remember that i bloged about francis collins becoming director of the nih not that long ago. Well now P Z Myers has blogged about it on a similar theme. Its not that francis collins isnt a good scientist as such, or that he did a bad job running the human genome project but he isnt an atheist and only atheists should be allowed to hold important jobs. There should be a rule stating that only atheists can becoming incharge of the nih. Now you mighbt ask why? This is not the same as the xian who wants to persecute atheists because we are doing it in the name of reason instead of an imaginary friend. and thats the point - p z myers is a scientist, p z myers says that francis collins is a clown therefore all we asking for is that clowns arent put incharge of the nih. So lets hope that us brights will be able to get francis collins sacked.

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