Friday, 16 May 2008

kicking a man whilst hes down

I saw this video (you know, the typical one where xians give it a screwball award and say it is stupid without giving any reasonable reason why)

It pointed out that there is some primary source evidence that jebus was borrowed from sun gods. Its just that xians haven't read books on it and instead get all their information for unreputable encyclopedias (infact its amazing that wikipedia has any mention of this when the church are editing wikipedia) It also made the excellent point that its a bit rich xians asking for evidence for this when the vatican destroyed it all. Its a bit like kicking a man whilst hes down. If you wanted evidence then the vatican shouldnt have destroyed it all.


Spacefoetus said...

OK, Firstly lets make it clear thta not only xians would nominate this for a screwball award- the majority of knowledgable agnostics and atheists would too. Why? Because Christ Mythisism has been refuted for a long, long time and no amount of You-tube videos will change that.

Take the Jesus=sun god thing. Most of the so called similarities are false- they are lies. They can not be found in any ancient sources. in fact Acharaya S. frequently quotes 18th century writers as evidence. But what do the 18th centurey writers quote? Nothing, a lot of what they wrote was made up.

The other "true" similarities are superficial, such as "Osiris died- so did Jesus! Therefore he doesn't exist!!" ITs ridiculous. The Jesus Myth evidence is no better than the "Paul McCartney is Dead" evidence. (Look that up, you'll subsribe o it in a flash).

Also, there is ample evidence for a historical Jesus.

Its ridiulous. first of all, she makes NO new claims that havn't been refuted before a century ago. Then she offers excuses as to why no-one believes in her evidnece.

1. "All the records that say Jesus was a myth were destroyed so no one knows about them!"- argument from silence. First of all, how does she know this? Secondly, that excuse could be used for ANYTHING- There WAS more evidence for xianity- it was just destroyed.

Look at her logic here.

1. Jesus didn't exist
2. historians say he did
3. they say there is no evidence he didnt exist
4. there isnt evidence was destroyed!

Next, she dismisses all xian apologists immediatly because they are biased. Thats extremely retarded. EVERYONE is potentially biased, she is an athiest so she is biased towards atheism does that mean we shouldnt study her claims? And what about athiests who say that jesus was real? are theybiased to xianity too? yeah right.

and she advertises her book so much!! That was just one big advert.

Seriosuly Mikey, why can't you accept that Jesus was real? You can be an athiest and accept the xistence of jesus, just like i can be an xian and except evolution.

p.s. haha "The church edits wikipedia"- WHERE is the evidence?

Nick said...

Widdle Mikey is still afwaid to debate.

Anonymous said...

I think we have a new argument that a certain mr loftus and Acharya S have mastered:

1)I have this killer argument that will leave your faith in ruins
2)I have good evidence for this argument
3) This argument is so much better than the rubbish I publish on the Internet
4)Unfortunately if you want to actually see this killer argument you have to buy my book

Spacefoetus said...

lol to anonymous.

What I want to know is...who is any of this like kicking a man when hes down?!

Mike is Wright said...

How would you feel if I went and destroyed most of the evidence for something then claimed you were stupid because you didn't have any evidence for something that's blatantly true?

Spacefoetus said...

So hang do you know its true if you admit theres no evidnece?

And wheres the proof that the Vatican destroyed the evidence?

Would you accept it if I said "Theres plenty of evidence that Jesus was God, the Romans just destroyed it all when Christianity was being persecuted?"

Mike is Wright said...

there are pictures of all the evidence being destroyed in that video. And luckily enough clues remained for historians like acharya to put all the pieces to together.

JB said...

lol, Mikey, I dare you to prove that there ever was primary source evidence for Jesus being derived from pagan solar myths by either (i) pointing to the primary source evidence itself, or (ii) pointing to evidence that there was such evidence and that the Christians destroyed it.

I'll be waiting (well, not really; I'll be busy doing some archaeological excavation in China), but definitely not holding my breath.

Spacefoetus said...

OK, so you said that theres pictorial evidence for Christians destroying all the Christ Mythers evidence. All I say were some medieval paintings depicting books being burned. We don't that its the Vatican. We don't even know its Christians. As far as we know, it could be Romans or Jews destroying documents that proved Jesus's existence. find out what event those pictures are showing and then I'll take you seriously. (although, even if you prove it was the xians it still wont prove that it was christ myth evidence).

And what si this evidence that Acharaya managed to dig up? The picture that accompanyed the voicover that claimed that christ myth evidence has been recovered showed archyologists digging up artefacts. Now what are these artifacts that prove christ mythism? Please enlighten me.

Also, never take a video seriously that uses Moty Python's Life of brian to show an adequate portrayel of Ancient Rome (especially when the film is set in Jerusalem).

Mike is Wright said...

Monty Python's life of brian is based on history. Isn't it a well known fact that people claiming to be the messiah were two a penny in Jebuss day and this is what the film is based on. There is a serious point that a few changes in history could make you a brianian and nobody would have heard of Jesbus

lilpixieofterror said...

"Monty Python's life of brian is based on history."

Monty Python is an entertainer, not an historian. Get some real historians please and get out of the sandbox.

Spacefoetus said...

Monty Python's life is Brian isn't based on real history, it was made aa a parody of popular 60s Biblical Epics.

I don't know about "two for a penny" but there were a few false Messiahs back in those days but they all qickly died away.

Unlike Jesus.

Why? Because there was the Ressurection (or at least, for the sake of argument, adequate evidence for the Ressurection). Without such evidence xianity should have died along with all the other Messianic cults at that time.

Here, read this. I know how much you hate being linked to "biaed xian websites" but so far we've watched all your "biased athist" videos ect. so its time to pay the favour-

Try refuting this- no-one else has been able to adequatly do so.

p.s. Theres no-one called Monty Python- its actually a group of english entertainers who had a popular sketch show. They're pretty funny/

Anonymous said...

Monty Python- ...They're pretty funny/

johnny aka, xtreem5150

Anonymous said...

Mikey, i watched the Acharya S video that you linked to, and i just want to ask you why you believe that those drawings and paintings depict what you say they depict?

In other words, why do you think that Acharya S is the one presenting the truth, and not Christians? Especially Christians that have written refutations of her work?

johnny aka xtreem5150

Sir-Think-A-lot said...

"How would you feel if I went and destroyed most of the evidence for something then claimed you were stupid because you didn't have any evidence for something that's blatantly true?"

Hey did you know that Oswald didnt kill Kennedy? Or taht the moon landings were faked? Or that US was responsible for the 9/11 attacks? What that? You want evidence? Unfortunitly the government took all the evidence and hid it in Area 51. But come on its obviously true.