Thursday, 15 May 2008

Sexist Xians

I cant believe those xians. They acknowledge that leviticus and basically the whole of their bible is sexist and they say that they don't have problem with it. They ask me whats wrong with a sexist god. Typical, typical. Next they're going to tell me that slavery is good because their bible says so.


lilpixieofterror said...

And yet again he's too stupid to answer the arguments in question! Going to provide a real answer to those scholars who say otherwise at some point?

Mike is Wright said...

since when have most scholars said that sexism is good?

Spacefoetus said...

OK a few things here.

First of all, we have to note that later on in Leviticus Twelve we are told that the offering the woman must give after having the child is the same for both boys and girls. Now, if the Bible really was being sexist here then we would expect that the woman would have to offer MORE if she had had a girl seeing how, in a sexist society, having a girl would be seen as an evil act.

Secondly, the women is unclean for longer after having the girl. Now, uncleanliness does not mean morally unclean, instead it means that the unclean person cannot work, touch other people or other peoples property. In other words, the recently child bearing mother is given time off work to recover after having to endure a long and panfull birth process! We can see that God gives the woman MORE time off for the girl than she does for the boy, this could be in order for the mother to have more time bonding with her daughter and sealing the mother daughter relationship that will wurely grow as the baby becomes older. In other words, the woman gets a holiday.

Thirdly, the slavery you have mentioned in the Bible is completely different from the slavery we envision today, but thats besides the point.

Fourthly, believing in Survival of the Fittest, and that species become top of the food chain because they are "fitter" and given that men are generally "fitter" than women, wouldn't you say that Evolution justifies sexism? If not, then let me ask you a question....

Do you eat meat?

lilpixieofterror said...

Since when has the Bible said anything about sexism you idiot? Have you even read any books on the topic or do you just spout off before you research?

Did you check out this:

In practical terms, they could do NOTHING but stay at home. They could do no housework or cooking, no shopping or cleaning. ALL THEY COULD DO is stay at home and "play with the kids"! What the above passage means, given this understanding of the practical dimensions of 'uncleanness' is that God was simply giving mothers more "time off" for having a girl than for having a boy! Whether this was for the mother's simple enjoyment of the mother-daughter experience, or for the additional bonding, or for additional communication of nurturing warmth (or all of the above), we will not be able to determine from the text. But the fact remains--the mother got to play with her girl babies twice as long as her boy babies before she had to 'go back to work'!

Do you have an answer to things like this or will you spill out whatever comes to your mind before you speak?

Anonymous said...

That is the great thing about evolution it is a process so it cannot be sexist. Watch that Space guy Mike. He is trying to trick by suggesting that there is something called theistic evolution. That is just like a Christian wanting to reconcile his superstitions with science. Science is always right. That is why they call it Science. I mean c'mon everyone knows that. He is just trying to glam on to the scientists. It is what it is and it is taking care of us. Praise Evolution for it's brave and noble decisions. Silly Xians think their Skydaddy is the basis of morality. Then you show them that their so-called Skydaddy is sexist. Who needs to read the whole Bible when you can Cherrypick what you need and not have to learn that other stuff? That seems to work best cause sometimes when I read the Bible I start to understand it, but then I go c'mon it is for silly Xians and I find something out of context that makes them look foolish.

Keep pounding them Mike.

lilpixieofterror said...

"He is trying to trick by suggesting that there is something called theistic evolution. That is just like a Christian wanting to reconcile his superstitions with science."

Either you're a very good parody or a very dumb fundy atheist, I'm guess it's the former of the two. You're better at the atheist thing then Mike is, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

I tell you what Mike watch these Xians. She claims I am a Parody and I have seen others claim you were a Parody. I am not a Parody. I don't just repeat thinks.

You ever seen how they try to harmonicaize the gospels to trick you in to thinking there are no lies. As soon as I find that link I will post it about all the lies and contradictions in the Bible. I mean c'mon I have seen the lies with these eyes and they try to smoke and mirror me.

It is like the other day when I was talking to the police. I told him the perp had on a red ballcap, but this old lady said he had a cap with an "A" on it. I was like she is lying. How can it be both. It was red. I saw it. She was such a liar. Probably a Xian.

SF Sok Puppet said...

Yeah it even says in the bible that jesus rose again!! how can he rise AGAIN when its the first time hes ever risen from the dead??? and dont tell me to read the greek. i heard on u-tube that king james actually wrote the bible in 1690 and the greek stuff is just translations 4 ppl in greece and when the greeks have intellignt questions the xians tell them "go read the english!"

Nick said...

First off, I never said it was sexist. You said it was. I simply asked you to tell me why it's wrong to be sexist in an atheistic worldview.

Anonymous said...

That's the problem with Xians as I see it. I know that evolution is working away fixing things and that it is only getting better. I may have some seemingly weaknesses, but I am improving all the time. I am the pinnacle of evolved man. It is you dumb xians with your fake rules in regulations trying to say things are wrong. If you were not telling me i was sinning I would not have to know it. Why don't you just not worry so much and sit back in amazement at what evolution is doing. Like I said earlier you can tell from video games we are evolving. I mean I had one that hooked up to my T.V. that was real simplistic when I was young. Then the amazing thing is ever couple of years they got a better one. I would ask mom for it and she would say no and I would cry and I would get it. I know how to work momma. So back to this now we have GTA and the wii and all kind of stuff. We used to cannot fly but now we can. Can't yu see it. We are getting better. Duh! Evolution. So don't you worry whether evolution is sexist are not. That is up to evolution. It knows best.

Mike is Wright said...

there is no evidence that men are better than women. O.K, we might be better drivers and at using the computer etc etc however women are better at other things. We are constantly evolving

is it more moral to be slave masters? no. the bible say s it is and people in the past thought so but now we no differently. look at history and we are evolving morally. If i stood up 100 years ago and was racist it would be o.k but now it isn't. Think about it.

Anonymous said...

Your are so right Mike men are better drivers. What would determine which sex was more evolved and thus superior to me would be to determine what presentage of women and men believe in skydaddys. Obviously which ever sex believes less in skydaddys is more evolved because they are not dumb like xians that believe in skydaddys.

The real fundy (who aren't so fun christians) believe in eagleitarian or something. Like that men and women are eagle in stature but have different roles. It sounds like evolution is eagltariat. How do the dumb xians come up with that when tht bible is sexism.

Mike that is wonderful. It is okay for me to be a jerk today because I am evolving and later I may not be a jerk because I have evolved. That is morality changes as we evolve. So it is not timeless. That is great. I think the Xians should watch more TV. People on TV make a lot of monny so they must be more evolved than poor people. More evolved means brighter. We should be required to watch more TV to help us evolve faster. So as we evolve we get rid of stupidity. So we know Xians are dumb so we know that whatever makes them that way will evolve away because it has to cause thay are so dumb. Man this evolution thing is great. The sky truly is the limit unless you believe in skydaddys.

Spacefoetus said...

Dolphins are better at some things and worse at some thing than humans. Does that mean that dolphens and humans are equal? No? Why not? You're being immoral!

Of course, I believe that men and women ARE equal and that sexism is wrong and I think we've established that the Bible does NOT promote sexism at all.

So then Mike what is morality?

Spacefoetus said...

Also, name me a little verse in the Bible that supports slavery. I've got some good little answers on standby for any comments you might make so watch out!

Nick said...

Mikey. You still never told me WHY it's immoral to be sexist in atheism. What's your objective moral standard?

lilpixieofterror said...

Do you even know how the world works Mike? Let me give you a hint... racism still exist to this day. Don't believe me? Go to south central LA and try to go into a block controlled by the Mexican Mafia and tell me how you turn out. We are getting more and more involved as time goes on? Ok, why in 1920 I could walk though Central park at 2am with no fear of rape and yet I can't do that after dark today? Why do murders and rapes keep rising throughout the US and the world? Yep, we are getting more and more moral as time goes on. Got anything else stupid to say?

Anonymous said...

"look at history and we are evolving morally. If i stood up 100years ago and was racist it would be o.k but now it isn't. Think about it."

I have thought about it.

Evidently there is no timeless moral standard for you, Mike, because in your words we are constantly evolving. Morality is evolving.

So it was okay to be racist 100 years ago?

It was okay to enslave people of other races in the past because we had not evolved far enough to no better?

On what grounds was it okay to be a racist ever?

How do you know that what you believe now to be moral will be moral in the future?

You are basically saying that this generation is less moral than the future generation, but that is okay.

You are saying it is okay to be immoral.

Sounds like lawlessness to me. How can you convict anyone of any crime?

I would use the evolution defense.

Evolution made me the way I am. I just have not evolved enough to realize I was wrong. Can you hold me accountable for evolution's failings?

Anonymous said...

Get a load of this guy Mike. He stole my name. What a xian.

RC said...

Spacefoetus said:

"Also, name me a little verse in the Bible that supports slavery. I've got some good little answers on standby for any comments you might make so watch out!"

I echo that sentiment Mike.

Tee-up the verse that you believe supports slavery and let us take a whack at you assertion.

The Velvet Evolver said...

From this moment forward. The artist formerly known as anonymous is now to be called:

The Velvet Evolver

So Saith V.E.

Mike is Wright said...

Richard Dawkins deals with all your objections here Basically we get our morals from newspapers, politicians, dinner parties, etc etc but NOT religion

Leviticus 25:46 promotes slavery. But you no that as you all read Debunking Christianity

Spacefoetus said...

So, whats wrong with getting morals from religeon if its OK to get it from dinner parties and poloticions? (especially because u believe in Zeitgeist which says all the politicions are liers?)

And where do the politicions get their morals from?

I'll let someone else handle to slaery thing, or else ill do it tomorrow. im tired.

lilpixieofterror said...

Issue of slavery answered here. Grow out of the playground someday.

Nick said...

Sorry bub. I wrote my research paper last semester on Richard Dawkins. His arguments don't explain why X is moral or immoral. Evolution can only explain an is. It doesn't explain an ought.

And I don't just read "Debunking Christianity." I read the book the owner of that site wrote and tore through it also.

You gotta pull your game up to a whole new level here.