Thursday, 10 July 2008

What if xians had evidence? A purely theoretical question.

I came across a brilliant argument whilst surfing the Richard Dawkins forums. You sky daddy is complex and therefore anything is more probable than them raising Jebus from the dead. Thus if we can use our imaginations to think of an alternative way of explaing this we are o.k. Now obviously xians havent given us any evidenc whatsoever yet but if they did all the would show is that aliens came down to earth, used superior technology to bring jebus back to life and then disapper again or another explanation. Take you pick as anything i slogically a better xplanation than goddidit


Spacefoetus said...

Mike, can I debate you on the existence of God?

"God" in a detatched sense, not Yahwhey.

I've never had a proper debate before, and I rekon I'd like to start with you.

Anonymous said...

Mike, it is surprising that anyone with half a brain would think that "blindevolutiondidit" or "randomchancedidit" or even, "bigbangdunnit" has any worthwhile meaning.

Anonymous said...

There you go again, Mike, exposing your closed-mindedness. Anything is more palatable to you than a creative God. You will accept any fanciful view other than accepting a creative God.

Is there any imaginable alternative worse than a God who created you?

Mike is Wright said...

I will debate you spacefoestus, as long as you dont mind being trashed.

No anonymous, there is nothing which is less likely to exist than your sky daddy as there could be nothing more complex than it. Simple really.

Spacefoetus said...

I don't mind being trashed at all Mike

debate me officially on TWeb but we must agree on certain terms.

1. No argument by links.
2. the debate will be over the following title- "It is more reasonable to believe in God's Existence than God's non-Existence"

I will be be defending the affirmative and you the negative.

How many rounds is up to you- it can be between 5 and 10.

Hope you don't trash me too much, because I know how smart you are.

p.s you spelt spacefoetus wrong lol

Mike is Wright said...

you point me to the thread and ill debate you

Spacefoetus said...

All challenges are "moderated" by mods before being posted onto the signup sheet. I submitted my challenge last night, but its still not up yet. I pm'd Rayado to find out why, so don't worry it'll be up soon hopefully.

Spacefoetus said...

OK, Mike, heres the thread

Spacefoetus said...

Ignore that last link Mike: heres the real one:

Spacefoetus said...

Theres something wrong, it wont actually post the link.

Go to TWeb, find the forum "The Gym" and its in the "sign up sheet".

See ya there Mike!