Thursday, 7 August 2008

How does your sky daddy eat?

You sky daddy is meant to be a living being? right? And all living beings require food, right? So where does your sky daddy get their food from?


Anonymous said...

Why would a perfect being need to eat?

MrFreeThinker said...

Hey mike ,I think you should make a new poll on your page.Make it be on the topic of who won your debates with spacefoetus and JB.

FiFi said...

Well I'm a perfect being, and I need to eat! How boring would life be without steak and chips? Or curry? Or hummous?

Saying that your god is a perfect being doesn't prove his existence either.

Anonymous said...

Fifi, if you were a perfect being, you would have been able to see that anonymous hit the nail on the head of Mike's post. I'm not perfect, and i saw the implication Mike makes (actually, i am that particular 'anon' but i forgot to sign the post--- thus proving that i'm not perfect).

Mike's tries to show that God does not exist because He does not eat, but Mike shows nothing except his missing of the point of the Ontological Argument (as it seems that you might too, since you said, "I'm a perfect being, and i need to eat!").

And you are right, fifi, in saying that a claim does not prove the existence of God.
But, neither does claiming that He does not exist, prove that He does not exist.
Thank you for showing Mike that he also gets to shoulder the burden of proof.

God Bless,